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Little adventures into the world of cookies

I’m all for giving something new a go, even if it might be quite technical or tricky. You don’t know if you’ll be any good or not if you don’t try. This post is a tribute to trying something new and being super pleased with the results!

This week I wanted to practice my piping skills for my course so I thought why not try to make my own version of the cool cookies made by the oh so talented peeps The Biscuiteers. My pal Nicola is a huge fan of theirs and put me onto them a wee while ago. Now mine are no way near as good as theirs (yet!) but they aren’t too shabby either aye.

Lets see what the kids out for Halloween think – that’s what we’ll be giving out should they ring the bell.


Magical little caravan

Now I’m not claiming to have made this caravan – that’s something only skilled peeps can do like my brother in law Paul (ex coach builder extraordinare…). But I do know a few clever folk who made magic with finding this wee beauty, Dora, who will be a holiday hotspot for many lucky people thanks to the super duper creative agency where I work.

Take a pinch of clever, a handful of designers, 1 crafty wordsmith, 1 little lady with a knack for styling and treasure hunting and that’s a recipe for the best little client Christmas gift ever.

Pillow slips and keys were sent to our clients with the aim to take them to a better place – Dora.  All of our clients were invited to take a trip, a wee break away and go stay in Dora with their friends and family. Lucky huh! She sleeps four and will live at Castlepoint and Hot Water Beach for six months at a time. Her beauty is inside and out. With lots of little cupboards and things that fold out and reveal she’s filled with Crown Lynn and good times.

Having just moved to her first plot I got to go check her out and stay a few nights to make sure she was set up okay for her first guests. She passed with flying colours. Everyone needs a friend like Dora – welcoming, restful and just there for you.


Le petit crochet

With a crochet itch to scratch, extra balls of wool were collected and a petit kitty crochet number was created! Not the biggest fan at first, Imy’s now taken to her own special blankie much to my delight.  A ka-ute (as Melly would say) addition to the sitting room.  Ahhh perfect for cat naps in the summery sun.

What can’t you do with a tea towel?

I am big fan of tea towels but for their textile prowess not for washing dishes! Both items in this shot pay homage to the humble tea towel and a bit of creativity. The ‘home’ pillow is from a trio of Donna Hay tea towels I was given that now sport white vinyl that I hand cut and hand-stitched creating my ‘home sweet home’, whereas the dapper striped rabbit was a Freedom purchase over the weekend to make this chap up for a gift.

Party fox

What now seems like many moons ago, was a wonderful day I had off work with two of my stitching comrades, where we enjoyed a day of craftanoon of good fun.

On this stay-cation (when you stay put but have a vacation – clever term huh… a visit to Madame Fancy Pants was had and a Tako Fibres Crewel Embroidery kit was bought by yours truly – named Party Fox.

Now I don’t often buy kits to craft with. I’m more of an experimental lass, seeing what nifty things I can dream up in my imagination.  But this chap was something else and I had to have my own, I am going through a fox phase after all.

In my little box of Party Fox crewel was a hoop, linen with my foxy mate printed on it, tapestry wool, and a sweet book titled Tako Fibers tiny guide to crewel embroidery. So cute and practical. Is that a deal or what?

A small company run by Emily Baier from the US, Tako Fibers is a wonderful place to purchase kits to make your own ‘yarn art’ and add a bit of texture to your life. Take a look, have a read about Emily and what she does. She’s very inspired.

Check out my party fox next to Emily’s… brothers surely? I need some help with my photography though!


Special Guest #4 – Little lady April

I’m finding it very hard to get people to be my special guests so I’m resorting to making new friends online – they just don’t know it that’s all.  So I came across Jillian Tamaki the other day on a blog I was sent the link to  which is so lovely!!!!!!!

So with a love of books and now embroidery check out these Penguin thread covers by Jillian. They are truly spectacular oh la la!

Jillian Tamaki Sketchblog