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Back in the saddle

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Welcome Ellie and Jaspen

Two fat wee babies came on the scene just before Christmas belonging to my good pals Nic and Melly – well done gals.  Now there’s a few things my friends know about me and that’s…

When you come for a visit I bake.

When I come visit you I bring baking.

When a new baby comes on the scene I get crafty!

With the earlier arrivals of Sam (my nephew), Sophie (my niece) and Cara (Margie’s wee Irish baabie) fairy bread blankets were the order of the day. With two new littlies on the scene and one with a crafty mama himself I tried out two new projects with great success – well their mums seemed to like em.

First up – Ellie and her mum Nic received a patchwork number to keep Ellie covered nicely in those in between season adventures in her buggy or when lounging at home.

Next – Jaspen and his mama Mel received an ode to Dumbo with an embroidered pillow teamed with a pompom fringe. Might I add a giant jar of jelly beans accompanied the pillow so my sweetie partner in crime could get her fix!

Watch this space for new baby projects to come as there are a few new babies on the scene who are making their debuts soon – congrats Jean and Gaz (UK), Bec and Kirk (Canada), and our good pals X and X (NZ) – who are slowly spreading the news!


Old jeans looking good

With less money in my pocket these days I’ve been super good at re-using or recycling to get some of the things I’d like. After many an evening eyeing up a sweet iPad case on Etsy I decided to bite the bullet and make one. Couldn’t be that hard aye, just a few squares of fabric and you’re sorted!

Waiting patiently in the crafty ‘hive’ was a pair of tim’s old jeans, just waiting to become something new! With a quick measure, a cuppa tea and a bit of trash talking, my little iPad cases came to life. It even has a pocket in the front for my charger and a trusty pen!

Sweet x

Chevrons are sooo O.T.T man

I love stripes. I love spots. Up until recently I’d heard of a zigzag and a chevron but it was a passing fancy. Nothing serious, until now. Furniture is one of those things that’s permanent… well as much as it can be these days. What I mean is it’s something you normally spend a little more money on so you want to love it right?

Tim and I aren’t the best team in the kitchen. He mixes my stuff, saying they’re burning when they are just fine. In turn I get stroppy and ban him from the kitchen. I hear you laugh out loud. What couples can cook together!  We decided to dial it up a notch and step away from the sharp knives and engage a circular saw and staple gun (leathal!) for our joint husband and wife project. The Ottoman.

With Tim’s nifty woodworking know how and dab-hand-ness at cutting out a lot of small circles to make the legs we were cooking with gas – wahoo! Once all our legs were ready it was a simple assembly using nails, some spray glue, wadding, foam, staples and oh the lovely teal chevron fabric. Sigh so wicked!

Now we have a super duper bit of us in our lounge to host the odd magazine, book, tasty tray of treats and pot of tea. Amazing! If only Imogen would give up on the fact that it’s her new bed for in front of the fire. It’s not. Note no Tims or Ings were hurt during the making of this ottoman.

Happy Fritz-mas

When the chap with the red suit and bushy white beard comes to visit us this Christmas he’ll see that there ain’t no cookies and milk left for him.  Meet Fritz. Reindeer. Baking lover. Mantle dweller.  A contemplating sort of chap, he’ll make friends depending on what treats are on offer.

Autumn Knack

On a wet autumn day you’d be hard pressed to be out and about before 9:00am with toast and tea calling your name. Not the case for me, nor my foxes and bunnies!

After a quick skip down around the block we were all set up for Autumn Knack and people to come and say ‘hello’.

It was a slow day due to the weather, I left with seven hats (I’d only started with six so speedy needles) but had said farewell to two bunnies and five foxes who all found new homes.

Take care out there little pals!

The house ‘special-tea’

Things I love the most are pretty easy to list. Tim. Imy our cat. Our house. My family and friends. Crafting like crazy of course, and then there’s tea. Mmmmmmmm tea.  After busy days are done and I’m pondering my next project there is always a pot of tea on the brew. It’s not a routine. It’s a way of life.

So what else would a gal who drinks lots of tea have besides a fancy tea cup or two?  Tea cosies that’s what.  We have a trusty teapot, Little Blue who sports a cheeky red cosy that I made quite a while ago. He’s pretty cute and definitely cuts the mustard for the day-to-day tea needs of Tim and I. But what about special events where I need to bust out a bigger tea pot? The one we have, well she’s a cracker. With black and white polka dots she’s a fetching pot if I do say so myself.  Although easy on the eye in her glory, there’s a slight issue of temperature. No cosy, cold tea.  Plain and simple.

There was only one thing to do. I needed a new cosy. I’d seen a few sassy options – pineapples, strawberries, bobbly, non bobbly and the like but they just weren’t right.  What to do?

Well, my fav show is Kirstie’s Homemade Home.  Oh how I love that show.  So much so that I bought a copy of Kirstie’s book from the first series (it’s great, you should check it out Kirstie’s Homemade Home). In this delightful publication was a pattern for a tea cosy and not just any cosy – one shaped like a house!  It’s perfect really and wasn’t too hard to make at all.  Damn easy in fact.

So next time you’re around our way, drop on by like people used to and I’ll make you a brew so you can see it for yourself.

Strangefruits for little heads

Almost two years ago I created my first ever Strangefruit; a super sweet knitted fruity hat for my friend’s lovely wee daughter Matilda.  Soon there were new babies on the horizon, friends who wanted hats for their friends and an opportunity to sell them at super cute Wellington boutique SWonderful.

At the same time I had just got married to Tim and I was deciding if I should change my surname from West to Strange.  It was a pretty easy decision with Strange being super kooky and giving me the name for my creations – Strangestuff, in particular my Strangefruits.

I’ve made around sixty or so to date and just sold another this week on Felt, NZ’s online ‘mini’ Etsy for crafters.

Pink apples, green pears, purple passionfruits and lemony lemons (not so popular as no one wants to call their baby a little lemon now do they!) I’ve been making them with 100% NZ wool and will continue to do so until my hands tire. Never!

Hello world!

Welcome to The Doily Grind!

I make a lot of crafty things for the super sweet peeps in my life. I guess it’s the way I show that I care, plus I have ants in my pants so I am always looking for something to do. Life’s to short to watch too much TV I say … unless it’s a cooking show, True Blood or Kirstie’s Homemade Home – I love that show!!!

So the other week I’d just finished a heap of stuff for Knack and for Christmas gifts and I thought “Ingrid you never keep anything that you make. You need to take a photo or something to remember it all cause some of it is the bees!”  Then my pal GP mentioned a blog would be good. So here it is. My electronic record of all the things I’ve made for my nearest and dearest who support my label Strangestuff.

But it’s not all about me now is it. I know so pretty clever people so I plan on showcasing the work they’ve done each month. Kinda like a monthly ‘special’ guest, I’ll be putting up a nice little ditty on them and what they’ve made.

See you soon,