Super duper número uno

It’s great being back in the kitchen and luckily they eased us into it with a bit of Christmas cheer! A traditional ‘frenchy’ Yule log took out days 1 and 2 this week. A lot of time was spent making all of our components and creating the little meringue mushrooms for the top. The Ocean gang were the lucky recipients scoffing the delightful little number just before 5 o’clock drinkies.

Saturday rolled around quite quickly after that with the Opera cake’s fairer cousin The Brasilia on our agenda. Think layers of jaconde, salted caramel buttercream and tasty nougatine, oh yeah!

Fab marks all around this week with a few snaps to mark the occasion.



One thought on “Super duper número uno

  1. Glen Puklowski says:

    Magnifique! Nice to have the doily grind in my inbox again. I tell you what though, Ingrid Strange circa 2011 would kick your bum for the couple of typos in this post! Goodness gracious!

    Teasing. We all love seeing your evolution so much Ing. Everybody is so… satisfied by it. Like seeing someone do their destiny just gives you hope in the world ya know?

    Ok, red wine talking. Anyway, love ya mate. Keep goin girl.


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