Monthly Archives: October 2012

Little adventures into the world of cookies

I’m all for giving something new a go, even if it might be quite technical or tricky. You don’t know if you’ll be any good or not if you don’t try. This post is a tribute to trying something new and being super pleased with the results!

This week I wanted to practice my piping skills for my course so I thought why not try to make my own version of the cool cookies made by the oh so talented peeps The Biscuiteers. My pal Nicola is a huge fan of theirs and put me onto them a wee while ago. Now mine are no way near as good as theirs (yet!) but they aren’t too shabby either aye.

Lets see what the kids out for Halloween think – that’s what we’ll be giving out should they ring the bell.


Tre bon deliciousness debuts!

Big changes have been afoot for me resulting in a little more time up my sleeve now that I’m not working full time – it’s awesome!

So what am I doing with my time? Training to be a Pastry Chef of course! Cool huh? So three days a week I get to make delicious treats which has ‘egged’ me on to creating a new category – Tre bon deliciousness! it’s really a chance to show what I’ve made in the nom nom classes I attend. I can’t eat it all as I’ll become a fatty boom-boom now won’t I. So best I share the real thing with my pals x

First up check out my Tarte au fruits and Florentines. So pretty and so tasty. Sigh, life is sweet.

Old jeans looking good

With less money in my pocket these days I’ve been super good at re-using or recycling to get some of the things I’d like. After many an evening eyeing up a sweet iPad case on Etsy I decided to bite the bullet and make one. Couldn’t be that hard aye, just a few squares of fabric and you’re sorted!

Waiting patiently in the crafty ‘hive’ was a pair of tim’s old jeans, just waiting to become something new! With a quick measure, a cuppa tea and a bit of trash talking, my little iPad cases came to life. It even has a pocket in the front for my charger and a trusty pen!

Sweet x