Sew Up-Lifting

Soon Wellington’s streets will be a-buzz with groups of sheilas commanding the footpaths by day, shopping up a storm, only to vacate them at night so they can go and swoon over the amazing creations at the 2012 World of Wearable Art (WOW). It’s almost tradition!

A fan for a long time I’ve often wondered what it would be like to enter. What does it really take to make it into the show, let alone be a front runner for one of the sought after prizes. Here’s hoping I find out. Well the first part mainly. I decided to enter the small Bizarre Bra section this year with a back to basics approach. Sewing, teamed with a bit of 1940s inspiration, and thoughts of my nana who influenced me to save ribbons, buttons, fabric and the like cause you never know when you might need it.

With a quick concept sketch (who’s been hanging out with the designers at work too long now..) I created Sew Up-Lifting. So far she’s made it through the first round of judging which means winging her way to Nelson to be reviewed further.  I hear she’s arrived safely so that’s a good start. Now I just need to send her all the luck to make it through to the show; the judges will now inspect her in person to decide if it’s an extended trip or back home. She’s a wee beauty (of course I am biased) so fingers crossed.



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