Chevrons are sooo O.T.T man

I love stripes. I love spots. Up until recently I’d heard of a zigzag and a chevron but it was a passing fancy. Nothing serious, until now. Furniture is one of those things that’s permanent… well as much as it can be these days. What I mean is it’s something you normally spend a little more money on so you want to love it right?

Tim and I aren’t the best team in the kitchen. He mixes my stuff, saying they’re burning when they are just fine. In turn I get stroppy and ban him from the kitchen. I hear you laugh out loud. What couples can cook together!  We decided to dial it up a notch and step away from the sharp knives and engage a circular saw and staple gun (leathal!) for our joint husband and wife project. The Ottoman.

With Tim’s nifty woodworking know how and dab-hand-ness at cutting out a lot of small circles to make the legs we were cooking with gas – wahoo! Once all our legs were ready it was a simple assembly using nails, some spray glue, wadding, foam, staples and oh the lovely teal chevron fabric. Sigh so wicked!

Now we have a super duper bit of us in our lounge to host the odd magazine, book, tasty tray of treats and pot of tea. Amazing! If only Imogen would give up on the fact that it’s her new bed for in front of the fire. It’s not. Note no Tims or Ings were hurt during the making of this ottoman.


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