Magical little caravan

Now I’m not claiming to have made this caravan – that’s something only skilled peeps can do like my brother in law Paul (ex coach builder extraordinare…). But I do know a few clever folk who made magic with finding this wee beauty, Dora, who will be a holiday hotspot for many lucky people thanks to the super duper creative agency where I work.

Take a pinch of clever, a handful of designers, 1 crafty wordsmith, 1 little lady with a knack for styling and treasure hunting and that’s a recipe for the best little client Christmas gift ever.

Pillow slips and keys were sent to our clients with the aim to take them to a better place – Dora.  All of our clients were invited to take a trip, a wee break away and go stay in Dora with their friends and family. Lucky huh! She sleeps four and will live at Castlepoint and Hot Water Beach for six months at a time. Her beauty is inside and out. With lots of little cupboards and things that fold out and reveal she’s filled with Crown Lynn and good times.

Having just moved to her first plot I got to go check her out and stay a few nights to make sure she was set up okay for her first guests. She passed with flying colours. Everyone needs a friend like Dora – welcoming, restful and just there for you.



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