Fairy bread… or is that bed?

Mmmm fairy bread. All dolled up, minding it’s own business sitting next to piles of chocolate crackles, bowls of chips and tasty cocktail sausages, it’s synonymous with kid’s parties surely everywhere. A simple recipe (the best ones always are) harkening from a relative of Nigella Lawson I am sure all it requires is a good sprinkle of hundreds and thousands applied very, very liberally to white bread slapped with butter. It really is a delight.

Always eying up my  next crafty pursuit I eagerly decided to whip up my very own fairy bread pram blanket from Pip Lincolne’s Sew La Tea Do for my nephew Sam. With a small number of supplies needed and a bit of straight line sewing the toughest thing to master was the beautiful French knot. Oh what an inspired little knot the Frenchy is; loved equally by Mel who some days may fancy them more than Ryan Gosling.

Dotted randomly across my fabric this wee blanket came together easily and in no time at all.  I’ve lined the back with a nice soft stripey jersey so it’s super snug for it’s recipient. Enjoy Sam!


2 thoughts on “Fairy bread… or is that bed?

  1. mariawest81 says:

    Awesome! He’s a lucky boy 🙂 Can’t wait to see it!!

  2. GP says:

    Why aren’t more fairys obese? Do they live soley on this stuff? Their dental bills must be ridiculous. And do they have to ask their friends to check for sprinkles in their teeth following lunch, like we do with poppy seeds? So many questions, so few fairys around to ask. Probably all at the dentist or the gym. Love the blanket Ingy. Great idea.

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