Monthly Archives: September 2011

To bake is to breath

Birthday’s come and go with the cake being a fond memory of mine. Harken back to my little years I remember clearly mum’s super efforts … Minnie and Mickey Mouse, The Pink Panther, A Hansel and Gretel house made with cholocate fingers – heaven!  With a couple of friends coming over for a spot of afternoon tea to celebrate our birthday’s a cake of meringues was just the ticket.

Piled high on my favourite cake plate courtesy of Tim’s folks cream was lashed on along with roasted slivered almonds, grated chocolate, and berry coulis. Oh baking I do love you!



Woolly wedding wishes

Way back when The Doily Grind began my pal Nicola was getting hitched to her fella Lindsay.  Well the BIG day came and went with much joy and delight for the happy couple.  Awaiting their return from England were lots of their friends and family armed with treats to mark the occasion.

With a gift challenge on my hands my new love of crochet (which has slightly waned with the time it took – I’m a quick win crafter!) came to mind with a woollen wedding blanket the result.  Red being Nic’s accent colour of choice in her beautiful workman’s cottage I got stuck in and a few months later it was ready.

Ta da!  Welcomed with open arms the wee blanket is loved dearly by her cat Brian’s paws and Nic’s shoulders when Skyping late at night to her family back in old Blightly!