Monthly Archives: July 2011

What can’t you do with a tea towel?

I am big fan of tea towels but for their textile prowess not for washing dishes! Both items in this shot pay homage to the humble tea towel and a bit of creativity. The ‘home’ pillow is from a trio of Donna Hay tea towels I was given that now sport white vinyl that I hand cut and hand-stitched creating my ‘home sweet home’, whereas the dapper striped rabbit was a Freedom purchase over the weekend to make this chap up for a gift.


Special Guests #5-7 – The Social Knitwork

Like Hollywood movie stars and Kabbalah, Wellingtonians are taking up crafty ventures like nobodies business.  Eager to create and more importantly take a bit of ‘me’ time out each day a few of us have created ‘The Social Knitwork.’

With a goal each in mind to produce our own crewel embroidered book cover, wall art, album cover or stitchiness it’s on like donky kong.

With a few of our founding members out of the country (Nic and Margie) the rest of us started the inaugural session with a puff of enthusiasm. Check out the boys in action. They’re doing well and giving the rest of gals a run for their money.