Party fox

What now seems like many moons ago, was a wonderful day I had off work with two of my stitching comrades, where we enjoyed a day of craftanoon of good fun.

On this stay-cation (when you stay put but have a vacation – clever term huh… a visit to Madame Fancy Pants was had and a Tako Fibres Crewel Embroidery kit was bought by yours truly – named Party Fox.

Now I don’t often buy kits to craft with. I’m more of an experimental lass, seeing what nifty things I can dream up in my imagination.  But this chap was something else and I had to have my own, I am going through a fox phase after all.

In my little box of Party Fox crewel was a hoop, linen with my foxy mate printed on it, tapestry wool, and a sweet book titled Tako Fibers tiny guide to crewel embroidery. So cute and practical. Is that a deal or what?

A small company run by Emily Baier from the US, Tako Fibers is a wonderful place to purchase kits to make your own ‘yarn art’ and add a bit of texture to your life. Take a look, have a read about Emily and what she does. She’s very inspired.

Check out my party fox next to Emily’s… brothers surely? I need some help with my photography though!



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