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Special Guest #4 – Little lady April

I’m finding it very hard to get people to be my special guests so I’m resorting to making new friends online – they just don’t know it that’s all.  So I came across Jillian Tamaki the other day on a blog I was sent the link to  which is so lovely!!!!!!!

So with a love of books and now embroidery check out these Penguin thread covers by Jillian. They are truly spectacular oh la la!

Jillian Tamaki Sketchblog



A little quilt for our little family

I’m not about easy wins but most of the projects I have done to date have been short and sweet just like my favourite pastry.  So what you are about to see is something of a momentous occasion!

Now the gals I stitch and bitch with are a talented bunch when it comes to many things, but when it comes to quilts the wow-ometer goes sky high! They are crazy good, making amazing quilts left, right and centre for their  friends and family.  How could I not be inspired.

Not one to follow a pattern exactly I decided that my quilt would free-range and would feature a few things to make it personal to me and my little immediate family.  First I added our surname. Strange is one of those names that gets a lot of comments. I must say I’ve always found it to be good.  People love it!  Second I wanted a silhouette of my moggy Imogen (thanks Margie!) because she’s just so cute and a big part of our family. Thirdly I wanted to celebrate our first home so I popped in the address of our wonderful we bungalow.  Everything you need to make a ‘our first home blanket’ if you ask me.

Days, weeks, and months of sewing, cutting and hand-stitching have gone by with my quilt now finally complete.  It’s so beautiful (I hope you agree) and will welcome any guest who comes to stay, taking pride of place in our guest room.  There’s just nothing quite like taking all that time to make something really special that you can not only enjoy yourself but share the people who come to stay x