Monthly Archives: April 2011

Special Guest #3 – Mrs March

My mum is Pam. Not the same Pam that feeds the nation with her vast array of grocery items but the one who taught me how to sew, knit and bake.  She’s pretty clever and just like her mother, dab handy when it comes to crafty business.

So you’ve heard about my niece Lucy.  Well my mum adores her as any Gran would. She’s often buying her pressies or making her things much to my sisters delight.  Who doesn’t like receiving handmade craftables? They are the best!

With a bit of wool going spare and a quick whip up one day, Pams knitted this super cute fish for wee Lucy and she loves it.  Easy to hold in her pudgy wee hands I’m sure it will be a favourite for a while yet.

Teach a woman to fish and you get a knitted toy.