Special Guests #2 – Misses February

Hmmm life’s been a bit hectic of late with it finally stabilising a bit more this week – hooray!  Sadly though my craftiness has been at an all time low with little in the way of ‘news’ for The Doily Grind I’m afraid.  A sad day I know but my tea cup is still half full and there are many more crafty adventures ahead!

For the month of February, I needed to hunt down my special guest but as I’d been a bit off the radar I turned instead to the crafty twosome that had kept me sane at the end of each day.  Now neither of these gals I know in person, but I feel I know them well enough from reading two of the best crafting books I’ve ever read. They are so good I just had to share it!

Pip Lincolne author of Sew La Tea Do is inspirational. If I ever had my own book then call me Pip Lincolne as I’d like hers please!  The book is amazing with a multitude of beautiful pages to ‘ooooh and ahhhhh’ over.  So many lovely projects and patterns to get your hands on!  Plus the cover sports the most amazing fox patchwork that we all know I’m definitely going to make before the year is out.

Fabulous ‘Febrarian’ number two is Kari Chapin, author of The Handmade Marketplace.  What an insight!  Kari takes you through a lot of things that ramble around your head when you start to sell the things you make.  From knowing your audience to establishing your brand Kari takes you through it, almost taking to you directly from the pages.  With special snippets from other successful crafters and the man behind Etsy. I love it whole-heartedly!  Content, cover, format, the works!


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