The house ‘special-tea’

Things I love the most are pretty easy to list. Tim. Imy our cat. Our house. My family and friends. Crafting like crazy of course, and then there’s tea. Mmmmmmmm tea.  After busy days are done and I’m pondering my next project there is always a pot of tea on the brew. It’s not a routine. It’s a way of life.

So what else would a gal who drinks lots of tea have besides a fancy tea cup or two?  Tea cosies that’s what.  We have a trusty teapot, Little Blue who sports a cheeky red cosy that I made quite a while ago. He’s pretty cute and definitely cuts the mustard for the day-to-day tea needs of Tim and I. But what about special events where I need to bust out a bigger tea pot? The one we have, well she’s a cracker. With black and white polka dots she’s a fetching pot if I do say so myself.  Although easy on the eye in her glory, there’s a slight issue of temperature. No cosy, cold tea.  Plain and simple.

There was only one thing to do. I needed a new cosy. I’d seen a few sassy options – pineapples, strawberries, bobbly, non bobbly and the like but they just weren’t right.  What to do?

Well, my fav show is Kirstie’s Homemade Home.  Oh how I love that show.  So much so that I bought a copy of Kirstie’s book from the first series (it’s great, you should check it out Kirstie’s Homemade Home). In this delightful publication was a pattern for a tea cosy and not just any cosy – one shaped like a house!  It’s perfect really and wasn’t too hard to make at all.  Damn easy in fact.

So next time you’re around our way, drop on by like people used to and I’ll make you a brew so you can see it for yourself.


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