Little black cats

I’m currently tackling one of the biggest crafty numbers I have tried… dum dum dum… a patchwork blanket.  It’s on my mind day and night and has popped up in conversation here and there with the gals at work.  Last week I decided I’d like to appliqué a wee cat onto my blanket to represent our moggy Imogen so I was hunting for a silhouette that would work.

Quick to action my pal Margie piped up asking me if I could hold fire for a day before I did anything as she had something I might find useful. Sure enough the next day she came to work with three fab pre-cut silhouettes that she’d been given – perfect destined for blanket stardom! 

Over the weekend more patch work madness ensued with Imy’s silhouette being added.  With two wee cats left I decided that one good turn deserved another so in honor of Margie and her cat Blackie this wee gem was created.  Much to Margie’s surprise, and I think delight, she received her mini patchwork cushion cover at work on Monday.

I hear it has a lovely new home next to another cushion spouting the words AMAZING! Love it!


2 thoughts on “Little black cats

  1. Bec says:

    I love the website!!
    I particularly liked the cushions.

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