Monthly Archives: January 2011

A poem for Lucy

Lucy is my niece. She’s three months old, very smiley and a very sweet chubby baby. As I love her dearly I can’t help but think of lovely things I can make or find for her.

So the other day I was wandering around some sites and saw an illustration, almost like a piece of ruled paper with the picture of a small girl and some words.  It was beautiful.  Well I can’t draw to save myself, but I do like to work with fabric and a needle. So my interpretation is stitched.

It’s a poem I found, embroidered onto cotton in my best handwriting … now you don’t see that much these days do ya!


Strangefruits for little heads

Almost two years ago I created my first ever Strangefruit; a super sweet knitted fruity hat for my friend’s lovely wee daughter Matilda.  Soon there were new babies on the horizon, friends who wanted hats for their friends and an opportunity to sell them at super cute Wellington boutique SWonderful.

At the same time I had just got married to Tim and I was deciding if I should change my surname from West to Strange.  It was a pretty easy decision with Strange being super kooky and giving me the name for my creations – Strangestuff, in particular my Strangefruits.

I’ve made around sixty or so to date and just sold another this week on Felt, NZ’s online ‘mini’ Etsy for crafters.

Pink apples, green pears, purple passionfruits and lemony lemons (not so popular as no one wants to call their baby a little lemon now do they!) I’ve been making them with 100% NZ wool and will continue to do so until my hands tire. Never!

I love Frankie

I’ve fallen head over heels for Frankie magazine. Everything and anything they put in their mag or on their site I absolutely love. The lucky gal that I am saw a few treats from the Frankie store arrive under the tree for me from Tim (Mr Doily Grind).