Monthly Archives: December 2010

Sweet relief

So my friend Nicola is getting married!  She’s a great admirer of the well-designed, all things pretty and anything crafty. So as you can imagine she has some marvelous plans on how to create her wedding invitations and needed a bit of assistance from me on the sewing front.

So what better way to spend your Sunday arvo than helping a mate with a bit of a project.  I’ve never taught anyone to sew before so it’s new for me too. But she’s a pretty good student so it’s great!

Armed with a pile of stuff Nic came on over for lunch with sewing lesson #2 set to follow.  For anyone who loves kransky’s we had some for lunch, smothered in lots of mayo and hickory sauce and whacked into ciabatta with rocket – mmmmm yum!

All of the 20 odd stitches on my trusty Janome were explored with Nic extending her skills and having something at the end of the day ready to take home to show her fella Lindsay.

To reward her for being so studious I’d made a gingerbread treacle cake which has a super lemony butter icing.  Check it out!


Hello world!

Welcome to The Doily Grind!

I make a lot of crafty things for the super sweet peeps in my life. I guess it’s the way I show that I care, plus I have ants in my pants so I am always looking for something to do. Life’s to short to watch too much TV I say … unless it’s a cooking show, True Blood or Kirstie’s Homemade Home – I love that show!!!

So the other week I’d just finished a heap of stuff for Knack and for Christmas gifts and I thought “Ingrid you never keep anything that you make. You need to take a photo or something to remember it all cause some of it is the bees!”  Then my pal GP mentioned a blog would be good. So here it is. My electronic record of all the things I’ve made for my nearest and dearest who support my label Strangestuff.

But it’s not all about me now is it. I know so pretty clever people so I plan on showcasing the work they’ve done each month. Kinda like a monthly ‘special’ guest, I’ll be putting up a nice little ditty on them and what they’ve made.

See you soon,